About Me

I am a freshman in Penn M&T interested in pursuing high tech entrepreneurship, especially in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Feel free to look through my website.

My Skills


My favorite language. I have built many applications in this language, and know the framework thoroughly.


My language of choice for Machine Learning applications. Use mainly scikit-learn, and keras libraries.


Have built several android apps at multiple Hackathons. My strength in Java carries over.

Machine Learning

Took several Courseras, learning many algorithms in Octave. Neural Networks, Nearest Neighbor, SVMs, Random Forests, etc.

Matlab and Octave

Used Matlab for my Cancer Research to fit models to the PET time activity series. Used octave for machine learning courses.

Hadoop and Big Data

Got experience managing Hadoop Clusters and MapReduce working for Peta-Secure


Have been to 2 Tie Cons, and have attended many seminars. Am excited to apply in college.

Web Dev

Experience building websites for Hackathons and to make landing pages for some of my projects. (Also this project :))


Got experience sanding, sawing, and shaping wood by building a 26 foot antique replica power boat.


Got experience using Arduino microcontrollers and sensors for my wristbrace.

My Work

  • Portfolio item

    Wooden Boat Project

    We made a 26 foot boat

  • Wooden Boat Project
    2012 - 2015
    A large 26 foot wooden power boat built by our Sea Scout ship. We built the entire boat from scratch, carving, sanding, and shaping mahogany wooden planks. The engine is a Ford V8 adapted for marine use.

  • Portfolio item

    Smart Wrist Brace

  • Smart Wrist Brace
    April 2014
    A smart, flexible wrist brace I designed to help alleviate some of the wrist pain I was experiencing. The brace utilizes an Arduino microcontroller and sensors to detect wrist usage information and send it to the cloud, where a Parse backend creates useful reports on it. The data it collects could be very useful to doctors to help prevent wrist deterioration.
  • Portfolio item

    Water Rocket Simulator

  • Water Rocket Simulator
    April 2014
    A customizable water bottle rocket simulator built in Java. The animations and functionality were built with JavaFx graphics. We used extensive calculus to calculate the trajectory of the rocket based on the aerodynamics of the rocket shape, the volume of water, and the pressure of air (assuming adiabatic expansion upon launch).
  • Portfolio item

    Cancer Detection in Mice

    Via in vivo PET scanning

  • Cancer Detection in Mice
    2012 - 2015
    Full Paper
    The goal of this study is to compare the quantitative accuracy of the 3-compartment kinetic model and the graphical Patlak method for calculating the rate of [18F] fluoro-2deoxy-D-glucose (FDG) uptake, Ki, in the mouse brain unintrusively. The data for this calculation was derived from a previous PET scan on mice in vivo. We used both Cardiac gated and ungated images in this study. The applications of these models include early diagnosis of cancer by noting an increase in net glucose influx, which corresponds to a higher requirement of glucose to sustain the quick replication of cancerous cells.
  • Portfolio item

    Peta-Secure Reporting

  • Reporting on Hadoop Clusters with Pentaho
    June 2014
    Worked for the startup Peta-Secure to develop software that utilized Pentaho to dynamically generate visual representations of terabytes of security data from Amazon AWS clusters.

  • Portfolio item

    Brain Computer Interface

    EEG based movement detection

  • EEG Based Hand Movement Detection
    April 2014
    Ongoing attempt to detect arm movement from EEG data from Kaggle.com to help develop a Brain-Computer Interface and help amputees. Currently implementing SGD Classification and a Common Spatial Filter, but testing out simple neural networks. Using SciKit-learn, Keras, and MNE libraries. Scored a .82 on the competition site.